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Find Your Design Partnership

Community Partnerships

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          • Memphis Chamber of Commerce
          • Family Safety Center
          • Shelby County Government
          • Heal the Hood Foundation of Memphis
          • Walmart
          • United Way
          • Kroger Community
          • Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative
          • Junior League of Memphis
          • University of Memphis
          • World Overcomers Outreach Ministries
          • Arrow Academy of Excellence
          • CaseCoach Executive
          • SG Data & Consulting
          • BreeMar Distribution
          • Ontelvision Media
          • Henson Consortium

Specialized Training is provided in the following areas:

          • Mass Communication & Journalism
          • Information Technology
          • Lean Six Sigma
          • Customer Service and hospitality industries
          • Financial Literacy

Our Vision

About the Program

2Unique CSF “Find Your Design” Career Track & Leadership is a mobile professional development training program for personal and student development along with an entrepreneurship program which offers development, coaching, and consultation in order to promote students hands-on training experiences.  The program encourages participants to discover dreams and passions, fine-tune their professional leadership skills, share inspirations with others who are seeking an improved career path and make their life’s work meaningful.  “Find Your Design” will connect students with real-life practicums, internship placements, college preparation or volunteer work experience to enhance their work skills and increase post-graduation employment rates.

Embedded are career pathways, an integrated education, and training approach integrating academics, training, work experience and wrap around support services that provide an accelerated path to credentials, resume building, experiential learning around selected industries in demand in the local labor market.

All of our programs are structured around ten (10) core competencies:

Career Planning & Assessment

Customer Service

Industry Certification Training

Leadership Development & Community Engagement

Life Skills

Internship/Job Placements

Personal Development

College Preparation

Community Service Hours


How does this program benefit the student?

Entrepreneurial Training

Internship opportunity for resume building

Connect students to very influential leaders

Gain hands-on experience for future employment opportunities

Help participants receive experiential learning/college credit upon graduation

Provide participants with industry certifications

Build a Network


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