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Find Your Design Career Track and Leadership Program is a mobile professional development training program for personal and student development along with an entrepreneurship component that offers career advancement, coaching, and consultation.  The program encourages participants to discover dreams and passions, fine tune their professional leadership skills, share inspirations with others who are seeking an improved career path and make their life’s work meaningful.   “FYD” connect students with real-life practicums, internship placements, college preparation or volunteer work experience to enhance their work skills and increase post-graduation employment rates.

Recent studies show that combining academic rigor with work-based learning and specific guidance or mentoring designed to move students toward post-secondary goals improves graduation rates and job opportunities.

“FYD” Career Tracks offered

  • Career Planning & Assessment (mandatory course)


  • Customer Service Training (mandatory course)

This curriculum provides practical skills in providing a positive customer experience by developing true customer interaction and soft skills

  • College Prep

2Unique “Find Your Design” program works in collaboration with HTH Foundation of Memphis What’s next college prep (Evolution School of the Arts) program that provide guidance for post-secondary education in academics.  The program helps students to aspire for realistic goals that fit within their personal endeavors that are based on personal career assessments.

  • Broadcasting & Media Relations

Introducing students to journalism.  This course is designed to introduce students with an interest in journalism or mass communications.  Students will receive opportunities to intern and become staff members of Teen Appeal, citywide high school newspaper. The course will provide students with general, practical and marketable skills that will enable them for internship placements and entry-level employment for newspapers, magazines, community journals, online websites and radio, and television.

  • Music Business 

The Music Business course is an innovative curriculum designed to prepare youth and young adults for today’s music industry.  The curriculum is designed for both the performing musicians and the business student with limited performing experiences.  Students will have an emphasis in business marketing and music industry experiences.  Classes will include audio productions, recording and mass media, music industry entrepreneurship and self-promotion for music.  Students are offered an extended opportunity to intern with “Evolution School of the Arts” by Heal the Hood Foundation of Memphis.

  • IT/Technology

This curriculum is designed to provide knowledge and skills required for learning computer networks and data communications.  Students will have an awareness of computer components and basic computer operations, identify basic computer hardware components and peripheral devices, i.e. CD-Rom, Keyboard mouse, etc.  Students will learn correct terminology related to hardware, software, and applications.  This career track will prepare students for intermediate level technology.


  • Microsoft Office Specialist/ExcelTraining

The curriculum will be utilized as a financial literacy course that will increase participant’s knowledge on how to build budgets, track expenses and provide training on how to use summaries, graphs, and charts.  This course will also help participant’s identify formulas you should definitely know as well as learn keyboard shorts in excel.


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