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We welcome news about community events, including fundraisers that are non-profit and intended to assist others.  We also welcome news and tips about community issues; however, these issues will be considered and submitted on the blog or forum post. Share things happening in your family, neighborhood, school organization or workplace.  You can submit photos with your stories.  However, these photos should be taken by you (or by others in your group with their permission).

#2UniqueMagazine exclusive interview with the actor, Rotimi who plays “Dre” on the Hit TV Show “Power”.  He is also an R&B Recording Artist with the hit song “Lotto:.

#2UniqueMagazine exclusive interview with singing sensations @officallygalmour #Glamour in Memphis, TN at the 2Unique Footwear Shoe Release and Launch.

2017- New Feature (April 2017)- R&B Singer/Actress, Demetria Mckinney from hit TV sitcom, House of Payne and hit TV series, Saints & Sinner & The Quad.

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New Feature October (2016) – Choreographer & Actor, Darrin D. Henson from hit TV series, “Soul Food”, Stomp the Yard, and more…

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2Unique Magazine had a great experience covering Essence Festival 2015 in New Orleans, LA. (Photo Credit – Marlon Gentry, MVP Photography).  Essence, known as “the party with a purpose”.  An annual music festival that celebrates the anniversary of Essence, a magazine aimed primarily towards African-American women.  It is the largest event celebrating African-American culture and music in the United States.

2Unique Magazine covers Memphis Black Expo (April 2015), a cultural celebration that serves to highlight entrepreneurship, promote economics and support stability and growth of small minority-owned businesses in Memphis, Tennessee.

2Unique Magazine covers “Heal the Hood Foundation of Memphis”, 97 days of Hope campaign events involving Hoops for the Holidays, Hoops for a Cause and All -Star Celebrity game, projects to help drastically reduce gun violence among youth in the city of Memphis, Tennessee.

Select the AD you would like to purchase below. Also, please be advised that created AD designs by 2Unique Magazine’s editorial office will be a cost of $35.00 extra.