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Come out to a fun fulfilled weekend starting June 9th and June 10th with 2Unique Magazine and Heal the Hood Foundation of Memphis. It’s all for a Great Cause! Memphis, we love you and these innovative outlets are designed to help our city grow. 2UniqueFootwear Shoe release (June 9th) is a fundraiser to build and #CreateaFutureWorkforce for youth & young adults and it is a precursor to the Heal the Hood Foundation of Memphis All-Star Weekend of Heroes “Celebrity Basketball Game” (June 10th) who’s mission is to kick off a safe summer for youth and the entire city of Memphis. Purchase #2UniqueFootwear at The 2Unique “Closet” Boutique.

Pick up your pair of 2UniqueFootwear at The 2Unique “Closet” Boutique and wear it at the 2Unique Signature Shoe Launch & Reception on Friday, June 9th, 6:00 p.m. at the Hero Empowerment Center located inside the Hickory Ridge Mall.

Come out and represent 2Unique and wear your shoes. Please be advised that it is not required to do so. We still want to see your lovely face in the place! We are going to have a blast! Don’t miss this event! Also, there will be shoe giveaways.


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The Wake Up Tour Evolution: The Audio Movie – COMING SOON!!!



HTH upcoming events

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Heal The Hood Foundation of Memphis is teaming up with 2Unique Magazine, MAW Productions, and DBJ Entertainment to bring to Memphis the highly anticipated album, Wake Up Tour Evolution: The Audio Movie.

W.U.T. Evolution will introduce a new style of music that is engulfed inside of Heal The Hood Foundation’s method of storytelling that merges R&B, pop, hip-hop music with a touch of movie acting and scoring. The highly anticipated album that will premiere with issue #2 of the comic book. This comic is already being used to take social and emotional heroism to the next level.

The comic book features The Wake Up Tour (Team Evolution) placed in real time situations that force them to use their musical and mystical powers to restore the main component  to youth that fuels that main villains (Memphisto) power Рthe innocence of youth. Team Evolution, lead by Wake aka LaDell Beamon is placed in a real world environment and uses fictional super villains and powers to tell a story that brings forth redemption and amazing stories that will help fight social issues.

With tracks like Digital Animation, and The Formula (The Thriller of the album) we are transported into a world of digital storytelling at its best. Other stand outs include the Super Power , United We Stand and the magical “Fly Away With Me.” This album and new comic book will surely boast of music that will have you listening for more and feeling as if you lived inside of the music.

Artists involved – Iyse Gibson, Lenora Mathis, Passion and Purpose, D Jon Johnson, Javiya Minor and LaDell Beamon

Production by – DBJ Entertainment, Johnathan Davenport, D Jon Johnson, Kriss Morgan and LaDell Beamon

Artwork by – Martheus Wade for MAW Productions, Written by LaDell R. Beamon, Coloring By Andrew Chandler


Purpose of Album Release Party

HTH Foundation of Memphis and 2Unique Magazine are involved in two huge opportunities for the city and youth that have been disempowered in the city of Memphis and surrounding areas. The album release party will act as a fundraiser for the two not for profit organizations that are seeking to fund youth opportunities that include building an Indoor Amusement Park/Digital Education Center and funding the Find Your Design Program with educated youth for job and career opportunities.


If you would like your business, organization, event, etc in the 2Unique Magazine then Submit your Ad today!


The Audio Movie

¬†2Unique Fundraiser “Summer Garden” Party ’09




2UNIQUE CSF & TWIN DELIGHTS host 1st Annual Chocolate Fondue Fundraiser




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