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Anthony Tatum

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The “Find Your Design” Program gives teens the opportunity to develop new skills to find their niche.  The staff is always very friendly and appears to be eager to see us learn and grow.  The “Find Your Design” program is well organized and always has great opportunities that keep my attention.

I began the “Find Your Design” Program at the age of 15 years old.  The program has taught me numerous skills such as; customer service, retail, marketing, store management, and computer technology.  It has equipped me with not only these outstanding new skills, but has given me a clearer direction towards my career path.  With these skills, at the age of 16, I am confident that I am ready for my first encounter in the “employment world”.  Although, I am ready for employment with the skills gained, I am eager to see what else the “Find Your Design” program has to offer me and will continue to attend the classes offered.

I have decided that in the next three years, after graduating high school, that I will be attending the University of Miami, majoring in Computer Engineering.

I love this program, and on a scale of 1 to 5, I give “Find Your Design” Program a “5” and will continue to refer this program to all of my friends and other peers that cross my path.

This has been another 2Unique Experience!


Anthony Tatum



88.5 Radio Interview

Radio Interview with Radio Personalities, Cath Hart and Aisha Raison (not pictured)

WQOX 88.5 FM Shelby County Schools on May and June 2015



2Unique CSF/2Unique Magazine interview with Jordan Moore, Family Safety Center and Bobbie Thompson at WLOK AM 1380, August 7, 2015

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